Project 33

Image Magick Web Page Hit Counter

The Neurillion Free Web Page Hit Counters are free items from Neurillion released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. These counters were written by the author for the author to test various methods of recording and displaying a page hit counter and come with absolutely no guarantee or warranty. Please refer to the FAQ and help sections for more information and a proper disclaimer.


The Magick++ counter is a simple counter using Image Magick++. It uses a single HTML <img> call, freetype fonts, can do outlines and font at any angle. Version v2 does not handle concurrency.

Example usage (in HTML):

<img border=0 src="http://site.com/path/to/counterprog?width,ptsize,strokecolor,fillcolor,font,angle,strokewidth">

Here is a "?8,24,@003300,transparent,Melmo_Regular.ttf,0,1" counter for this page:  

The color can be "@RRGGBB" for HEX, or a standard color. If there is a missing parameter or a bad parameter, the program will fail and no image will be returned. More robust input validation will be in future versions

Note: This counter goes up by 2 because there are 2 counters on this page! There is one on the chip at the top left and one in the middle of the page. Since both counters are type "magick" counters, they both use the same table and since all the counters use HTTP_REFERER and that value is the same for both counters on this page, the count goes up by 2. Maybe future versions will allow a named target to be specified and only use HTTP_REFERER if one isn't specified.

Free ttf fonts from Neurillion

Available soon ...