1x1 transparent pixel image - various implementations

Working on various web counters (specifically the bug counter) led me to the need to use a 1x1 transparent pixel image (GIF). If you work with graphics all the time, you could just whip one right up such as via GIMP, otherwise, it might take you a short while to get one saved. So, here's one for you.

Here it is →

Can't see it? That's because it's transparent! Here, I'll put a 1 pixel border on it for you →

Still too small to right click and save -- ok, fine, here's a 10x10 HTML resized version (ie: it's still only a 1x1 -- just scaled by the browser so you can see it) of the 1x1 transparent pixel image (GIF) with a 1 pixel border -- just so you can right-click and save →

Have fun, enjoy... share it! It's free. There is no license with it. Sell it! It's yours!

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