cs3web - C++/sqlite3 web pages

I like hosting web pages... to me, they're basically fancy notes to myself. On the otherhand, maintaining web sites and web pages is a royal pain. So, I basically wanted to write something in C++ that was simple to code and simple to use, yet powerful enough that I'd want to use it -- to generate web pages (and sites). Of course, nothing stays simple for long, but I enjoyed working on the different program versions. Of course, now enjoy using the program to construct and serve my web pages.


The source code was written by the author, for the author, to test the feasibility of generating web pages (and sites) from a C++ CGI program. In fact, every project on the site will be served through this application. This project from Neurillion is an original work that is free of cost and is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. As with the other projects from Neurillion, the author is using the code (and classes, etc.) as experiments to learn C++ and other technologies and makes no claim to be an expert in any of the areas and also makes no claim to quality or robustness. Caveat emptor! Once you see the source, you'll know what this means...


Please refer to the FAQ and help sections for more information and a proper disclaimer.


  • one program, multiple sites / multiple databases.
  • references between databases (ie: cross site)
  • dynamic pages / static pages/data -- mix and match.
  • "if" token to select which token to retrieve
  • multi pass substitution (recursive), with max level settable.
  • token substitution loop termination token
  • simple caching to reduce db load/queries.
  • web/CGI (form) or command line operation with editing.
  • cookie based user account authorization
  • 404 page handling

Further information and usage information is detailed in the documentation.