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The Sqlite3 stuff from Neurillion is a collection of original works (unless specified otherwise) that are free of cost and are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Please refer to the FAQ and help sections for more information and a proper disclaimer.


The source code was written by the author, for the author, to test various aspects of sqlite3. The author makes no claim to quality or robustness, caveat emptor!

Basically, what I wanted to do was write something in C++ that was simple to code and simple to use -- something quick... to allow me to use sqlite3. The core API for sqlite3 is C based, so it was close to C++ -- but there were just too many C-isms to use it directly. Although sqlite3 provides a very nice command shell, I still wanted to become familiar with more direct uses of the sqlite3 API.

The primary focus was to get a simple class that would handle some basic concurrency so that the Neurillion free web counters wouldn't lose any hits.

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