no response to an input event (e.g. key press, screen touch) within 5 seconds an IntentReceiver hasn't finished executing within 10 seconds Avoiding ANR If your application needs to perform some expensive or long-running computation, you should probably move it to a thread. This will prevent the dreaded "Application Not Responding" dialog from being displayed to the user, with the ultimate result being the fiery demise of your application. By default, all code in an Activity as well as all its Views runs in the same thread. This is the same thread that also handles UI events. For example, when the user presses a key, a key-down event is added to the Activity's main thread's queue. The event handler system needs to dequeue and handle that event quickly; if it doesn't, the system concludes after a few seconds that the application is hung and offers to kill it for the user. If you have long-running code, running it inline in your Activity will run it on the event handler thread, effectively blocking the event handler. This will delay input processing, and result in the ANR dialogs. To avoid this, move your computations to a thread; click here to learn how.